A Look At The Drone Shield Jammer Gun

A company called DroneShield, as of late has released an ‘anti-drone’ firearm that is intended to meddle with a drone’s signal and constrain it to land. For the individuals who esteem their privacy and loathe the idea of a drone flying over their property, this is an appealing proposition.

As such, the dangers from consumer drones have been more psychological than physical, however that hasn’t ceased a modest bunch of new businesses, for example, Drone Shield from venturing up to offer consumer drone detection and moderation technologies. Indeed, even as the consumer drone industry is simply starting to take off, its partner—what you may call the “anti-drone” industry—is a hot pursue.

The just about six kilogram (13.2 pound) DroneGun can evidently do this at a range of up to two kilometers (1.2 miles), using an assortment of jammer measures. Those measures incorporate jamming 2.4 gigahertz and 5.8 gigahertz frequency bands, and also GPS and GLONASS (the Russian satellite route framework) jamming. It has a battery run time of two hours.

The DroneGun is a piece of DroneShield’s range of anti-drone technologies, despite the fact that it’s one of only a handful few to effectively render drones inoperable.
These anti-drone measures still have an approach before they’re freely available to the overall population. As DroneShield’s site notes, DroneGun may not be utilized or offered available to be purchased as a part of the U.S., other than to the government and its agencies.

In India it’s illegal to fly drones without a proper license; it’ll be interesting to see if the company expands its market in countries where laws are still under making or countries who are excessively concerned for security.


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