Holland’s Drone Hunting Eagles Are Ready to Take Flight Near No-Fly Zones

Police in the Netherlands are ready to deploy a team of eagles to take down rogue drones, in a bid to protect airspace over airports and other sensitive areas. As the AFP reports, Dutch police have been training the eagles since 2015, and announced on Tuesday that the tests were successful. They conducted their first public demonstration with the birds, and will deploy them whenever a drone is believed to pose a threat to the public.

With today’s announcement, the Netherlands becomes the first country to use birds to take down drones, which have become a growing security concern around the world. Dutch forces bought four sea eagle chicks after completing their trials this year, and around 100 officers will be trained to use them. The birds are five months old now, and until they mature, the force will use eagles supplied by Guard From Above, a company that trains birds of prey to take down hostile drones. Authorities expect their own “flying squad” to be active by next summer.



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