First Look At The Leaked DJI Spark

DJI appears to be about to launch a drone even smaller than the Mavic Pro called the Spark. There have been photos of the new drone appearing around the internet even though DJI has yet to comment on it.

We still don’t know much about the camera specs on the Spark since they have yet to be released. We have seen that the Spark’s camera is mounted on a gimbal and the camera appears to be only able to tilt up and down. The drone appears to have to rotate in order to get a panning side to side shot.

The new drone is smaller than the Mavic Pro and appears to have fixed arms and brushless motors similar to the Mavic Pro. The Spark drone appears to have downward-facing sensors and a panel on the front above the camera that could hide additional sensors. It’s believed these could be attributed to the Spark having obstacle avoidance.

Rumors across the internet believe that it will be considered as a “selfie drone”, while others rumors believe it could be a racing drone given the popularity increase in the new sport. Given the small size of the drone, the Spark could work well for both uses.

The leaked images show a drone that has DJI’s characteristics all over it. The fit and finish are superb and the bottom of the rotors feature the same caps used on the Mavic Pro. The battery design is similar to the Mavic’s, though features what appears to be four contact points that could be used for a charging dock or landing platform. DJI just registered a trademark for Spark, too. We still don’t know what the controller looks like (or if it will be controlled through an app) which could give us more information regarding the type of drone it is.

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