The New GoPro Hero 7

GoPro hasn’t had the easiest time of late with their Karma Drone failure and the company’s stock heading south, but the company has started to make adjustments and looks like they’re going to focus on what made them great to begin with: high quality action cameras. Main things to note for the Hero 7: Image Stabilization and Live Streaming Video.

If you’re familiar with the Hero 6, you may notice the Hero 7 might not come with a host of new shooting modes or imaging improvements, but it does come with a few key tweaks. The major upgrade comes in the video stability which alone will save hours on editing. Another feature called SuperPhoto makes the GoPro a more strong choice for stills, and the addition of live streaming is a plus for everyone. Upgraders might want to consider if there’s enough new here for you, but for everyone else, the Hero 7 improves on an already winning formula.

  • 4K video to 60p 
  • HyperSmooth stabilisation 
  • Live-streaming

The Hero 7’s stabilization works by using the predictive smarts of the GoPro’s GP1 processor. The camera preempts your swerves and keeps the image free from dreaded jerks and jitters. Without a doubt, it is much improved and something that will save hours of footage from hitting the trash folder. I tested the Hero 6 side-by-side with the Hero 7 in a number of situations (walking, skateboarding etc.), and the Hero 6 is prone to occasional jerks that feel like overcorrecting and some general jittering. Ultimately, movement is expected if you’re being active; a gimbal can smooth things out in a way that’s not natural.

With the mobile-user in mind, it’s a good time to talk about the next main update to Hero 7: live streaming. You’ve been able to wrangle a video feed from a GoPro live to the internet for a while, but it was limited (or laborious). Now, it’s as simple as firing up the GoPro app on your phone and clicking a button. Right now, you’re limited to Facebook or RTMP(which can be piped into YouTube etc.), but more native options are coming.




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