This Drone Can Investigate Flooded Homes & Buildings

Currently the FAA has a no drone zone rule placed over areas affected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released a statement informing the public that they didn’t want drones in the airspace, stating that drone operators will be subject to fines if they interfere with emergency response operations. “Flying a drone without authorization in or near the disaster area may violate state and local laws.” The Daily Beast quoted a FEMA spokesperson stating that “Drones pose a potential danger to low-flying helicopters and their crews and can hinder the efforts of those who are trying to save live.”

Even though drones may currently not be able to take to the skies, there’s another kind of drone that wants to help out on the ground. The PowerRay is an underwater drone. It’s almost half a meter long, equipped with a 4K video camera that can be monitored on a virtual-reality headset over Wi-Fi, and powerful spotlights for penetrating the gloom 30 meters down.

It can also maneuver at speeds of up to 1.5 meters per second (3 knots) and its 6400 mAh battery will keep it going for up to 4 hours if you don’t push it too fast. However, if the battery dies while the PowerRay is underwater, all is not lost: You can simply pull on its cable to bring it back up, as long as it’s not snagged on something.


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